Transforming Print: The Power of Digital Publishing with Issuu

By Sara Napier BurkhardJuly 27, 2023Content Marketing

Publishers sitting at a desk planning content distribution with colorful magazine and book covers displayed on the left.

The publishing industry has faced some massive shifts in the last few decades. With the rise of digital-first content, new (and ever-changing) social media platforms, and continued innovations in our digital spaces, the way we consume media has changed dramatically. In response, publishers have had to find new ways to reach their audiences. Digital tools have become essential to any distribution strategy, even for print-focused publishers. Explore how Issuu can help you transform your publishing strategy to meet your audiences where they are online and improve your distribution. 

Benefits of Issuu for Publishers

When you upload your content to Issuu, it can be shared across platforms, including social media, email, and directly on your website. This means more readers can find and access the content. You can grow your readership, and with our feature, you can sell your content online to increase revenue for your publication.

Learn about your readers with built-in Statistics that provide valuable data on reader engagement and location, allowing you to make informed decisions on improving your marketing strategies – something you can't get with print distribution.

In addition to reaching a larger audience, Issuu also offers a range of customization options for magazines, eBooks, and more. Publishers can add multimedia elements such as videos and audio to their publications, making the reading experience more interactive and engaging.

How Book Publishers Use Issuu

Publishers have always known how to adapt and find the best ways to reach their audience. With the popularity of eBooks and audiobooks, it's clear that even traditionally printed books perform better with a solid online presence. Issuu makes it easier than ever for publishers to distribute their content digitally to a wider audience. Here are some of the ways book publishers use Issuu.


From classic novels to contemporary fiction, and with a commitment to publishing diverse voices, has something for every reader to love. The Edinburgh-based publisher hosts catalogs on Issuu to promote upcoming works and share previews of new publications like My Name is Why by Lemn Sissay, The Lonely City by Olivia Laing, and The Flame by Leonard Cohen.

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press is an academic publisher that advances learning, knowledge, and research worldwide. As a publisher, they use Issuu to share catalogs of upcoming textbooks, themed selections of works, and host book price lists.

ACC Art Books

ACC Art Books publish works about antiques, decorative arts, textile design, and fashion. Their books are primarily published in printed hardcover versions, perfect for conversation as coffee table books or as immersive works that are as artistic and moving as the art featured in them. ACC uses Issuu to host digital previews of their printed books, which are available to order on their website or purchase from major booksellers worldwide.

How Magazine Publishers Use Issuu

While the way we consume content is constantly evolving, magazines remain a favorite form of media for people from all walks of life. Here are several great examples of digital magazines that are published and distributed with Issuu. 

Happiful Magazine

Happiful aims to create a healthier, happier, and more sustainable society. With a print version and a digital version , Happiful has created a carousel of current and past issues on their website, making it easy for readers to select which issues they'd like to explore.

The Knot

The Knot is a go-to for all things wedding, and their magazine offers everything you need to plan your wedding: inspiring ideas, thousands of photos, style tips, advice, and more. The Knot hosts their quarterly magazine .

Local Wolves

Local Wolves is an independent digital and print magazine driven by the passion of storytelling for creative minds from diverse fields of work. They display each new issue directly on , making it the first thing visitors see.

Planning to Start a Publication?

Whether you want to self-publish an eBook, start a magazine, or go digital with a print publication, Issuu is a great place to publish and share your content online. We offer a and integrations that make publishing engaging content a breeze while speeding up the time from ideation to publication.

Not a designer or limited on creative resources? No problem! For aspiring publishers, we recommend trying the Issuu app on Canva. Canva has a range of templates and design options perfect for creating beautiful on-brand content that can be published directly to Issuu in minutes!

With Issuu, it's easier than ever for magazines, publishers, and authors of all kinds to share great content and reach their audience. With valuable analytics and customization features, this is a comprehensive digital publishing and distribution solution. Issuu will help you take your content to the next level and help you reach your publishing goals.

Issuu empowers publishers of books, magazines, and more. Try Issuu.