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Work better together.

Great content is a team effort. Issuu’s all-in-one digital publishing platform helps distributed and cross-functional teams work together to streamline their content creation, publishing, and approval processes. Transform static documents into a dynamic experience with assets to reach your audience across every channel. Accelerate your productivity by working together.

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Improve publishing and distribution as your team grows.

Upload, publish, and distribute digital publications worldwide while unlocking access, management, and control over your content library for a group of users. With integrations to other top-rated tools like Canva and Adobe InDesign, private team workspaces, and an intuitive administrative portal, Issuu for Teams lets you own your digital distribution in a seamless workflow.

Centralize all digital content in one platform.

Meaningful content lies at the heart of brands everywhere. With Issuu, you can convert a single document into a range of assets – including embeddable Flipbooks, mobile-optimized Articles, and Social Posts – for all digital channels. It’s easier than ever before to scale content promotion and marketing efforts. Create once and share everywhere.

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Stay on-brand and in control.

Get the organization and separation you need between teams, brands, and publications, without ever worrying about control or adherence to brand standards. Customize digital content with your brand elements in a flipbook, adding your logo and colors to match. Provide a tailored reading experience to every audience you cater to – all while involving key stakeholders across the organization.

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Manage users in team workspaces.

Separate content for brands, departments, projects, target markets, or clients with team workspaces. Invite as many users as you need before hosting and publishing unlimited digital publications, according to your plan. Publish private internal communications and customer-facing content alike, sharing flipbooks in fullscreen or embedding them on key web pages. Administrators can monitor employee access and content libraries while members collaborate in a secure environment.

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Share impactful content with less effort.

Enjoy a cost-effective group plan for teams of all sizes, and get Issuu’s unmatched digital content experience with premium features. Consolidate your billing, work together in the same space, and start sharing great content with less effort. Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Access separate, private team workspaces for users to work in

  • Add as many users as you need, and host an unlimited number of publications, according to your plan

  • Invite or remove users in a click, streamlining access to content

  • Monitor brand adherence, Statistics, and more, for administrators

  • Get features to customize, share, and repurpose your Flipbooks

  • Create, publish, promote, and manage content in one place

  • Receive 1:1 onboarding and support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Create as many workspaces as you need to effectively separate content for your teams, departments, target markets, or clients. Add as many users as you need before hosting and publishing an unlimited number of digital publications, according to your plan.

  • With a Teams plan, you get Issuu’s unmatched digital content experience with all the premium features, like dynamic Flipbooks with Videos, Links, Fullscreen Sharing, and Embed options, as well as additional shareable assets like Articles and Social Posts. Your users will also gain access to private sharing options, detailed Statistics, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, to name a few.

  • Issuu for Teams enables easy access, management, and control over assets for groups of users so that you can own your digital distribution in a seamless workflow. Its purpose is to serve customers whose digital content requires access for several users, multiple publisher profiles to divide content by brands, clients, or regions, or involvement from key stakeholders across the organization.

    Whether you only have one team with several members who share assets and need to work on the same content together or multiple teams serving different markets or clients, a Teams plan can help. Issuu Premium, on the other hand, is our best plan intended for only one user, and does not offer dedicated workspaces or multiple domains.

Accelerate your productivity by working together.

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