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What is a digital report?

In the business world, reports are some of the most important pieces of content that a company publishes. Reports are typically the bridge between companies and investors or stakeholders. Our online report generator allows you to really make a statement, not just talk about what you and your team have done, but show it with stunning detail.

There is no better way to convey goals, annual growth, financial statements, operational statistics, and overall corporate insights than by using an online report generator. The decision to create a report online rather than physically printing it the old-fashioned way is a game-changer. You can create a report that includes videos, links, and helpful infographics that tell the entire story. 

The best part? When you make a report online, you save money and a few trees in the process by eliminating hard copy publishing and going digital!

You can easily create a report that includes everything you need, from witty team member bios to comprehensive financial forecasts with our online report generator. Convey crucial information clearly and effectively with just the click of a button.

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How to make a report:

  1. When you want to create a report online, the first step is to upload your report as a PDF document (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive).

  2. Bring your newly created digital report to life! Use our Flipbook feature to make it super easy to browse through.

  3. Now, enhance your digital report. Create a report that includes interactive links and videos. You can also use our Fullscreen Sharing feature to ensure your readers get an immersive reading experience.

  4. Finally, don’t forget to share. In one click, embed your new digital report directly to your website or blog post with our Embed feature.


Bring your content with you wherever you go.

Reports are essential parts of your business management. They need a premium spot on your website, so you can provide your stakeholders with all the information they need. The Embed feature of our online report generator makes it fast and easy for you to do so. Upload your report, copy and paste the embed code, and simply add it to your website - a few simple clicks! And it doesn’t stop there; you can easily customize your report reader, so it matches your website’s design.

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Add Links

Add context and connection with clickable links. 

With our Links feature, you can create a report that goes from a static document to an interactive and engaging piece of information with ease. Your readers will enjoy the simplicity with which they can navigate through your online content. Empower your stakeholders by making them part of the experience. You can link to other pages or previously published content plus add videos to show your progress.

Add context and connection with clickable links.

Fullscreen Sharing

Immerse your readers in your story.

Do you need to ensure you have your stakeholders’ full attention? No problem! Our Fullscreen Sharing feature will make that super easy for you to pull off. Our feature automatically turns your report into a flippable web page, creating a distraction-free, immersive reading experience. You can include links to more of your content, plus you can customize the fullscreen reader so your online report fits into your website like any other content.

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Reports: FAQs

  • Keep your reports on point. You should include some general corporate information but mainly focus on highlighting the operational activities and financial health of your company. It’s important to start with your goals and targets to put your results in context. You want your stakeholders to get the information they need to make an investment decision. Financial statements are indispensable in a report (e.g., balance sheet, income, and cash flow). Finally, you want to end by summarizing the main points of the report and outlining a vision for the next quarter and beyond.

  • It’s really up to you, and the answer will be different for every business. You can’t go wrong using the fiscal year as your calendar. Try sending out a quarterly report or an annual report. Another good time to publish a report is following a major product launch or marketing initiative. The purpose of any report is to let stakeholders know how your business is performing. A good time to do that is after a new product has had time to connect with the market and show some results.

  • When you create a report online, your options for creative assets are practically limitless, so don’t be afraid to experiment! That said, there are a few design best practices to keep in mind to make your report as visually engaging as possible. Think about how you can show not tell. This means including charts, images, infographics, videos, and other visuals. It’s also important to get the style basics right. Make sure to be consistent in style, font, and background. Color can be helpful, but sometimes less is more.


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