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You are a designer, brand, start-up business, or editor and you have content to share. How can you deliver your content in a more professional way than just a simple PDF? Just about anyone can hit the “Save as a PDF” button, but turning your content into a beautiful digital flipbook would really showcase your publication, portfolio, catalog, or whatever your content might be! Of course, the final publication must be sleek, easy to read, simple to navigate, and ready for social. Thankfully, the Issuu Story Cloud has you covered.

“It captures your attention more than a flat PDF file — it’s multidimensional which makes it interesting for people to look at. It also positions us as a company that’s up to date with the latest technology — in this case, that’s Issuu.”

– Mary Grikas, VP of Communications at SolarReserve & Issuu Publisher

Issuu converts your PDF content into an HTML5 flipbook with just a simple click of a button. Simply upload your PDF to Issuu and within moments your content will be turned into a PDF flipbook. Plus all content published on is available for discovery by our global audience. You will also receive a link for direct access to your flipbook and to share with your audience on social media and more. The digital flipbook experience is optimized to fit all screen sizes, so this means beautiful spreads on big screens and sleek scrolls for mobile.  

Embed Issuu flipbook PDF on your site – PDF converter

Now that your flipbook is ready for prime time, the easiest way to share your PDF flipbook directly with your existing audience is to embed your Issuu content onto your website. Issuu makes this simple and clean with its embed tool, so you can share your PDF content front and center–– or wherever it fits best. Just copy and paste your embed code into your site’s HTML editor, and there it is!

Customize your Issuu HTML5 flipbook reader

Issuu allows for a range of customizations to really make your embedded content feel natural. Seamlessly integrate your Issuu HTML5 flipbook reader into your web content with sizing and color options to optimize your user experience. Customize your HTML5 flipbook reader with Issuu, and then immerse your audience in the content with Fullscreen Sharing. Skip the distractions and allow them to focus on the content that matters most– your PDF flipbook.

Segment your Issuu flipbook PDF with Issuu Stories

Do more with your PDF content on Issuu. Issuu Stories are the perfect PDF converter to bring your content to mobile. Convert segments of your PDF into Issuu Stories to share to Instagram, Facebook, AMP, and more. These Stories will create easy-to-share social links that seamlessly work on mobile devices. That way your readers can stay connected wherever they are, whether on desktop or on the go. Issuu is the perfect PDF converter to mobile optimize your content.

Share your Issuu PDF flipbook as a GIF

Stand out on social and share your PDF flipbook as a GIF with Issuu’s GIF maker. With Issuu’s GIF tool, your PDF can come to life with easy customization and an eye-catching format. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, Issuu’s GIF maker has your social sharing strategy covered. The Issuu GIF tool is a great PDF converter into beautiful GIFs for social sharing.

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