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With our Promoted Reads, readers who have chosen content on a similar topic as yours are given a preview of your content while theirs loads. If they choose to keep reading yours, we'll serve it up to them instead of their original selection.

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Full page flipbook of the Knott Magazine with the option to skip ads with promoted content.

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Promoted Impressions displays your publication in the unit to the bottom-right of the main publication, where it can be expanded, set to auto-flip, or clicked-through to a desired link. Each time this ad is displayed, an impression is reflected in your publisher statistics. 

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We will feature you on our social media platforms, for a week, with a strategy tailor-made for your publication. We will feature you on the official Issuu Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, as well as the Issuu blog. Together, these platforms have a total of 10 million monthly impressions, and the material we design will be cross-functional across your own social sites as well.

Whether it’s an interview, feature, or profile, Issuu can help tell your story and amplify your voice to our vast international audience.

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