Creative Ways to Use Links in Issuu Publications

By IssuuMay 31, 2019Last updated on July 1, 2019Content Marketing

Use Issuu Links to Enhance Your Marketing

One of the many great things about digital publishing is the ability to create links. With Issuu, links are so much more than just clicking a button. There are a handful of creative ways to use Issuu links to enhance your marketing experience. Not only that, but you can also use Issuu links to earn money for your business. Read on to learn creative ways to use links in Issuu publications.

Play Videos in Your PDF

Use video links on Issuu to play videos right in your PDF flipbook reader. You can set your video links on Issuu to auto-play. When your readers flip to the next page your video will start playing automatically. You can also choose to create pop-up video links if you would rather immerse your readers fully into your video experience. Use video links on Issuu to entice your advertisers with a multimedia experience. Add video capabilities to your media kit to draw in advertisers who have readymade video content.

Prompt Readers to Join Your Email List

Prompt readers to join your email list by adding links to your sign-up flow into your publication. You can make these look like a button when you are designing your PDF. Otherwise, you can simply add the links where it applies in your copy. Whatever your preferred method, use your readers on Issuu to add to your email list numbers. Email lists are a fantastic marketing tool for your brand.

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Sell Products with Shopping Links

Sell products with shopping links on Issuu. When users see shopping links, they’ll see a small shopping cart button. This will prompt them to click the links if they’re interested in purchasing your product or service. The shopping cart will distinguish that this link is shoppable. It’s more enticing to viewers than a standard link in your publication’s copy. Use shopping Issuu links to sell products or services in your digital publication.

Give Advertisers an Incentive

Give advertisers an incentive when you publish digitally with Issuu. The ability to link out their site directly from their advertisement in your publication is more promising than your traditional physical ad. The fact that consumers can go directly to an advertiser’s website in the click of a button is a big checkmark for brands. You can also track page link-out clicks in your Issuu statistics.

Use Affiliate Links to Earn Money

Use affiliate links to earn money. Many blogs and websites use affiliate links to partner with brands and services. This is a great stream of additional income for products you are passionate about. Use the same method in your digital publication to earn money from your audience. Start by creating affiliate partnerships with brands that align with your own, and then use these links in your Issuu publication to pull your readers in with the products you care about most.

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