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You have great products to sell and Issuu is the place to share them. Transform your entire product range or seasonal catalogs into page-turning digital versions with interactive shopping links so your customers can find just what they’re looking for. Our catalog creator can make a catalog in seconds, all from a single document – eliminating printing costs and taking the guesswork out of publishing an online shopping catalog.

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Sell more products faster with an interactive digital catalog.

When most people think of a catalog, they picture printed booklets filled with pages and pages of products from their favorite stores arriving at their doorstep each month. While the shopping preferences of consumers have shifted online, the concept and excitement of catalogs has remained firmly intact. A catalog showcases the products you have for sale in an eye-catching way, and a digital catalog does that – and much more – in a convenient, shoppable format that’s accessible from anywhere on any device. 

Our content transformation and digital publishing platform helps you create your very own digital catalog that is as comprehensive as it is engaging and interactive. If you sell products or services of any type or size, an online catalog is a must-have.

Issuu’s catalog creator gives you full creative control over how you list, categorize, and display your collection. Easily include product descriptions that tell a story alongside embedded videos, images, and shopping links – encouraging sales directly from your digital catalog. Another added benefit: you will eliminate expensive printing and shipping costs while saving a lot of trees in the process. 

Make changes to your digital catalog in real-time, whenever the need arises (like when a product goes out of stock). And from every flipbook catalog you create on Issuu, our platform automatically generates supporting assets scaled for sharing and promoting across all social media channels. From one to many, Issuu accelerates your efforts and helps you stand out.

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How to create an online catalog with Issuu:

  1. When it’s time to publish your online catalog, Issuu makes it as easy as 1-2-3! Upload your catalog as a PDF document (or any of these file types) from Dropbox, Google Drive, or your computer. The document will automatically be transformed and converted into a digital flipbook. With our flipbook maker, you now have a beautiful, fully-digital catalog that includes all your listed products with added interactivity that goes beyond print capabilities.

  2. Showcase your offers in style by adding embedded videos that bring items to life on the page. Add product links and shopping cart functions so purchases can be made with a few simple clicks. Now that your online catalog is interactive, it’s never been easier for your readers to become your buyers. 

  3. Use our Fullscreen feature to make the experience as immersive as possible. Embed your new digital catalog on your website with our Embed feature to make sure everyone in your network knows about your newest collection.

Stay on-brand and embed your custom catalog directly on your website.

It’s never been easier to meet customers where they are and let them browse your catalog directly within your website. With Issuu, you can create a branded flipbook catalog and embed it on your site without needing help from IT. With our Embed feature, all it takes is a few clicks; simply grab the code and go. Upload your catalog to Issuu, transform it into a digital catalog, copy and paste the embed code, and add it to your website. The code is user-friendly and compatible with all major website builders.

Embed your digital catalog directly on your website.

Increase engagement and streamline the ordering process with shopping links.

Bring your static PDF to life and make your catalog shoppable by adding links. These links connect your catalog directly to your customers’ carts. Our shopping cart icon lets readers know the link is shoppable, effectively streamlining the ordering process and boosting sales. Links are a helpful way to better interact with your readers, too. In addition to just linking products for sale, you can also link to other content on your website to allow people to discover your entire brand in just one click.

Send readers straight to their carts by adding shopping links to your digital catalog.

Multiply your distribution and attract new customers with social media assets.

Attract new customers by promoting your catalog with digital marketing collateral and supporting assets ideal for social media. Issuu automatically generates derivative assets from every digital catalog you create on the platform, making it easy to multiply your content distribution and get in front of new audiences. Utilize a GIF in emails, highlight your publication with Article Stories, or share social graphics to captivate new shoppers.

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Get to know your customers better with built-in statistics.

Every retailer and wholesaler wants to know how their catalog is performing – and what their customers want. Get key insights at your fingertips with our catalog maker. With Issuu’s built-in Statistics feature, you get clear, easy-to-understand content marketing statistics for every flipbook catalog you publish. Track vital info like click-through rates (CTR), impressions, and read time to get a complete picture of what’s working and why.

Get to know your customers better with built-in statistics for every digital catalog you publish on Issuu.

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Catalog: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Remember, you want to turn your readers into buyers! So, focus on two things: presenting the products you sell or the services you offer and helping your buyers make a purchase decision. Your catalog must include images of the items you’re selling, their description and features, their dimensions, their price, and some reviews. But to reach the full potential of a digital catalog, include videos, products, and shoppable links. With the Issuu online catalog maker, it’s never been so easy to do so. Your readers-turned-buyers will thank you!

  • In its most basic form, a catalog is a list of product offerings. But, an online catalog offers so much more. With a bit of help from our catalog maker, you can create a shoppable in-catalog customer experience that’s full of data and metrics on the backend to help you better understand your customers and the market.

  • There are many different types of catalogs. The primary type is the retail products catalog, used to market products. These can be comprehensive, showing everything you sell or limited to one season or product line. You can also create catalogs for inventory and materials (to keep track of supplies), for cultural interests (such as museums or galleries), or for libraries or media collections.

  • Same meaning, different spelling. “Catalog” is mostly used in American English, while “Catalogue” is more widely used in Canada, Ireland, the UK, and commonwealth countries. “Catalogue” is also the word in French.

  • Online catalogs are the way to go! They are more interactive, adaptable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly than their print counterparts. Plus, online catalogs can be embedded in your website, sent out by email, and mobile-optimized so they can be carried around in your customers’ pockets wherever they go!

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