How Brochures Help Your Business

By IssuuDecember 3, 2019Last updated on January 27, 2020Content Marketing

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, it’s imperative to leverage the most effective tools out there. From embedded Video to Shopping & Web Links and more, Issuu offers a variety of innovative features to help elevate businesses. Another effective tool to elevate any business, large or small, is brochures. Whether print or digital, brochures allow companies to highlight their offerings in a sleek and easy-to-distribute manner. Additionally, brands can reformat their brochure content for various platforms, audiences, and marketing tactics. Keep reading to learn how brochures can help your business.

Highlight your offerings

Brochures can help brands as a quick and easy way to highlight their offerings. As a key marketing tool, it displays a company’s key details, products, services and more. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your business brochure is done right:

  1. Keep it simple: 

    When crafting your brochure, ensure it is done in a straightforward, simple manner. Keep the text short and use a clean, easy to read design.

  2. Leverage quality images: 

    As a key piece of marketing collateral, ensure your brochure includes high-quality images that best reflect your brand and its offerings.

  3. Provide the details

    In an effort to keep the text short, still be sure to include all the necessary details for your audience. Think: company background, products, services, key information and a clear call to action. With Issuu, your business can insert clear Shopping & Web Links directly into your brochure.

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Reformat + Expand your content

Not only do brochures help brands as an effective tool to highlight their offerings, when publishing to Issuu they act as a valuable source of marketing collateral. First, publish to Issuu and get discovered by 50 million+ monthly readers. Second, leverage Issuu to reformat, redistribute, and expand the brochure’s content. Here’s a few tools from Issuu to get the most out of your online business brochure:

  1. Articles

    Repurpose your brochure’s content into story-like segments. Easily reformat the content into quick, scrollable formats for the web and on social.

  2. Social Posts

    Enhance your marketing game with visuals. With Issuu’s Social Posts, take those high-quality images from your brochure and create stunning social stories that will attract more customers. Thus, a slick piece of marketing collateral can be reformatted for social for each service, product, and offering you have.

  3. Embedded Video

    With a digital brochure, your multi-media creation opportunities are endless. Leverage Issuu’s embedded video feature to include vivid videos directly on the page. Now, your customers can get an even deeper understand of your business in no time.

  4. Digital-PDF Reader:

    You’ve published to Issuu, now show off your work! With the Digital-PDF Reader, your business brochure can be displayed directly to your website in a compelling and brand-first format.

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