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Our Story

First founded in 2006 as a Danish startup, Issuu is the industry-leading digital publishing platform; in 2013, the company moved its headquarters to the innovative hub of Palo Alto, California. Today, more than 1M users worldwide use Issuu to publish, convert, host, monetize, and share meaningful content across channels. 

From enterprise marketers to individual creators, Issuu’s user-friendly platform gives anyone the ability to put their message front and center with dynamic digital assets – without sacrificing the aesthetic and tactile experience of print. With over 300,000 pages of content uploaded to Issuu daily, readers worldwide get to discover, engage, and connect with content they truly love.

Vertrauen von führenden Marken

Our Mission

Our mission lies at the core of everything we do. We are continuously dedicated to building and delivering a self-service platform that equips anyone, from solopreneurs to global brands, with all the tools they need to easily convert static documents into dynamic content experiences within a seamless workflow.

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Our Vision

As a purpose-driven team that spans multiple time zones, we strive to be a driving force in the content economy. Our vision at Issuu is to ignite the power of creativity and transformation by enabling anyone to create, publish, market, monetize, and measure dynamic and impactful assets, ultimately inspiring a new era of digital engagement and innovation.

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Our Values

At Issuu, our values guide what we do every day. We care deeply about what our users need from us and how to provide it best. We work hard to evolve our platform and its capabilities with those expectations in mind – and we strive to improve the digital content transformation and distribution experience for every user in any industry.

Care: We care about the details. For our product, for our customers, and for audiences everywhere, we want to deliver technology with a heart. 

Grit: We're here to deliver impact. We go above and beyond for our customers to solve internal and external challenges and help redefine the digital content landscape.  

Learning: We never stop learning. We know it's just as important to learn from our greatest achievements and our missteps, so we bring this philosophy into our product, customer experience, and company culture.

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Our Offices

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