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Effortless beauty

HAMU insights from Alana-Jane Halgreen, Kiss & Make-up

If lockdown has taught us anything, it's simplicity. The focus right now is on natural beauty: natural products, natural looks and feeling authentically you. It gives us a sense of freedom when we remove all the demands and expectations we place on ourselves and ‘just be’. If ever there was a time to look after ourselves and love who we are, it is now.


But don't confuse simple with basic, boring, or safe. Instead it’s raw, vulnerable, intimate, and romantic. If you’re adopting a minimalist approach with your hair and makeup, focus on the basics. The condition of your hair and skin should be your number one priority. Your lifestyle plays a huge role here so consider your water intake, food, vitamins, stress levels, and exercise.

The ‘no make-up, make-up look’

No matter the texture of your skin, your foundation can look natural. The purpose of foundation is to even out skin tone, not hide our skin. Instead of a full coverage foundation, try a lightweight, sheer foundation and invest in a great concealer to spot-correct any blemishes.

Your colour choices are key. A professional make-up artist will colour code you to bring out your natural skin tone, which is one of the most important parts of any makeup application. It creates harmony with the skin and brings the whole look together in a more natural, cohesive way.

A little colour on the cheeks makes the skin look young, revitalised and healthy. Cream blush is my ‘go to’ product when adding colour as this best imitates the skin. The use of too many powdered products will leave your skin looking unnatural. Lift your complexion with a pop of cream highlighter for a natural glow. Be careful when using powdered highlighters as they can leave an obvious strip of light in photos and may enhance the skin’s texture.

Keep eye makeup simple. Use soft shimmers over the lids and inner corners and neutral matte shades to shape the outer eyes. Try a soft feline flick on your lids for an ultra-feminine look that instantly defines and lifts your eyes. A good eyelash curl and some mascara will do wonders and to turn it up a notch, add a few Individual false lashes to the outer corners.

Brows are not overdone or over manipulated. The natural shape of your brow is enhanced and the whole look is natural and balanced.

For youthful, plump looking lips, opt for cream lipsticks. Matte, long lasting lipsticks have their place but make sure your lips are well exfoliated and hydrated before applying. Try patting lipstick on your lips with a finger to get a natural finish and avoid that irritating build-up of lipstick around the inside of your mouth. It will also keep that sticky feel away.

No matter what area of the face you are working with, work in light layers, building slowly and allowing layers to dry and blend well to soften all the edges.

Alana-Jane from Kiss and Make-up

Alana-Jane from Kiss and Make-up

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Care-free, crazy-free hair

Knowing your hair’s texture is so important. Many women have no idea what type of hair they have and, as a result, they fight with it on a daily basis, when all it really needs is a little understanding and cooperation. Much like knowing your skin type is crucial for implementing an effective skincare regime, determining your hair type can play a significant role in the efficacy of your daily hair care routine.

There are many factors that determine your hair type. These include hair density, diameter, porosity, greasiness, elasticity, and curl pattern. Chat to your hair stylist or do an online analysis to work out what type of hair shampoo, conditioner and products to use, and what kind of cut your hair needs to perform and look its best. Certain haircuts add volume and structure, which can make an impact to your overall look on your big day.

Working with healthy, natural hair is the smartest decision you can make for your wedding look. If you have curly hair and it's a humid Durban summer’s day, it won't matter how hot you make the flat iron! Those curls could be back within an hour. Instead of trying to conceal what you were born with, play up your natural assets. Loose curls, ponytails, and low buns are trending at the moment. Hair is not over-styled or over-done. Finish this romantic style off by adding a delicate hair scarf, flowers, or a clip.

Be effortlessly and beautifully you!

Loose up-style from Kiss and Make-up

Loose up-style from Kiss and Make-up