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Golden Time

We’ve been closed, now we’re back, please visit, says Wimbledon’s Michael Platt Jewellers

By Eve Herbert

Michael Platt, Goldsmiths & Jewellers inWimbeldon Village, are happy to be back. Both the shop and on-site workshop havere-opened to the ‘new normal’. Being in lockdown has meant being away from nearest and dearest during very difficult times and, for most, it hasn’t been possible to celebrate special occasions with many cancelled or postponed; Michael Platt is now ready and raring to provide some sparkle.

If you were prevented from attending a special celebration, or realise now how valued a family member is or perhaps want to show your appreciation to someone who was especially supportive, kind and considerate during the isolation of lockdown, don’t lose any time in showing you care, mark the occasion now, show your appreciation or thank the person with a very special piece of jewellery.

Jewellery speaks directly from the heart. the deepest of feelings and sentiment can be expressed with jewellery. The perfect piece of jewellery, enduring, says so much more than words ever can. True sentiment behind a thoughtful gift of jewellery is underestimated. Whether the jewellery boldly declares I Love You; I Need You; Well Done; Thank You; Congratulations; You’re Special to me or just marks a moment in time, it always does a brilliant job of reflecting heartfelt emotions.

For jewellery to have emotional impact, one doesn’t need to spend zillions; it’s the thought that counts. Choosing a winning jewellery gift conveying sentiments may not be easy, but Michael Platt stocks a magnificent array of sparkling rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets to choose from in silver, gold and platinum.

A custom-made bespoke piece of jewellery is the ultimate thoughtful gift. With some imagination and a little effort, a wonderful unique piece can be tailor made in store to suit requirements and budget. Michael Platt specialises in working directly with customers, guiding them through the exciting journey of the bespoke jewellery process from start to finish. Commissioning a bespoke item presents an opportunity to take part in creating a truly original outstanding piece of jewellery that directly reflects the personality of the recipient and, once given, will always mean so much.

Jewellery that is weighted with meaning and thoughtfulness will be highly appreciated, enjoyed, cherished and forever treasured. Recent times have been tough for all and very rough indeed for some, with a new everyday ‘normal’ for most, including Michael Platt. You can feel secure in visiting: the shop and on-site workshop are safe environments with regular excellent standards of hygiene and cleanliness constantly applied and everyone, after more than four weeks of trading, is coping well. The whole area is misted regularly with anti-microbial surface protector; all staff wear face masks, sometimes gloves, and customers must wear masks and hand sanitize on entry. Plexi-screens have been introduced to all serving areas with cleaning and sanitizing completed after each customer leaves. With an on-site workshop, all jewellery is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Many things have changed but the standards of customer care, expertise, workmanship, creativity and friendly welcome (behind the face mask) are all still exactly the same. They look forward to seeing you in the shop soon.

Many things have changed – but standards remain the same

MICHAEL PLATT GOLDSMITHS AND JEWELLERS 1 Church Road, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DW 020 8947 4774 michaelplatt.co.uk